Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in the battle or is that from the battle?

Hi everyone, I hope that you are enjoying beautiful weather, not the icy, cold, freezing conditions that we are having up here.  Actually, this week started out at 30 degrees so that is hot for now.  And, the rest of the week is to be 40's and even low 50's., wow I guess prayers do get answered ha ha.

I do want ot apologize for not getting back on here sooner, but last week I was down with the flu bug for 2 1/2 days..I guess that's what it takes if you want some time off work.

I'm going to try and "Up-load" some pictures of my first cards which I created back in Oct. or November when I first started at StampTV.

I have a Kodak camera and I'm having a real BIG problem getting my pics off it and onto this page.
Hold the presses I believe I may have my first one downloading....

Well, it has been loading my first picture for over 10 min. and it still hasn't appeared so I will attempt this Wed. night.  Don't ever pray for "patience" because this is what happens when you do... LOL.  Being it's 12:56 A.M. and I am tired and have to be up at 6:20 am, I'm heading to bed.  Please check back in Wed. night latish, or Thurs.  I PROMISE to have some pictures and details about their creation.   Thanks for sticking with me here