Monday, December 13, 2010

Up and running...

Good Monday morning to you ladies out there in Crafting land.  Well, I just finished my 1st ever blog hop, and it was a little nerve racking, but LOTS of fun.

I sure learned a lot of new things from all you ladies, and have gotten some great ideas for this Christmas.  Soon I hope to have a card or two on here, so that you can get a good laugh. :)

Hopefully, I won't embarrass myslf so badly. :)

 I really appreciate all the helpful hints and tips you ladies have offered me.  I look forward to applying some of these to my own cards and crafts.

I thank you "Four" ladies for following my blog, even if it is to get a laugh or two, I'd be happy to liven up your days and show you that you are far beyond the beginner level as I am.

One thing I'd like to share with you is that of Color coordinating of cards.  I find that when I look at your cards everything flows so smoothly, but when I'm at home and I find 2 stamps that I'd like to use on a card, I get Brain freeze (well, it is only 9 degrees up here today).  Really, I think how do I learn to instinctively know what colors to use for a particular card.  Any tips on this would be really appreciated.

Well, have to get back to work, but look forward to my next Blog Hop, I believe I'm hooked on them, and I really enjoy seeing what everyone else has come up with.

May you all have a Blessed week, so go make something to inspire me further. 

Dave  Prov 25:25



  1. Hi Dave!!!
    Great job on your blog and getting through your hop(s). It is fun and you will get in the swing of it soon :)

    Congratulations on your win over at Paper Playtime!!! Be sure to go over and check out how to claim your prize!!!

    Fresh Brewed Designs

  2. Hey Dave! You do realize we all started as beginners! LOL One of the best things you can do to learn is just to gaze thru fun galleries and then just stamp!! Join in some challenges....especially sketch and color challenges since they will help you find what YOU like!! Don't be afraid to ask any questions!!! We're all in this together!!

  3. Hi Dave!!! I'm in the same boat as you.... very new & I always seem confused, but I love every minute of trying!!!!

    It's nice to meet you & I can't wait to see some of your work!!!

    P.S. I'm also in Indiana & it's freezing!!!!

    okj83 at live dot com