Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back in the battle or is that from the battle?

Hi everyone, I hope that you are enjoying beautiful weather, not the icy, cold, freezing conditions that we are having up here.  Actually, this week started out at 30 degrees so that is hot for now.  And, the rest of the week is to be 40's and even low 50's., wow I guess prayers do get answered ha ha.

I do want ot apologize for not getting back on here sooner, but last week I was down with the flu bug for 2 1/2 days..I guess that's what it takes if you want some time off work.

I'm going to try and "Up-load" some pictures of my first cards which I created back in Oct. or November when I first started at StampTV.

I have a Kodak camera and I'm having a real BIG problem getting my pics off it and onto this page.
Hold the presses I believe I may have my first one downloading....

Well, it has been loading my first picture for over 10 min. and it still hasn't appeared so I will attempt this Wed. night.  Don't ever pray for "patience" because this is what happens when you do... LOL.  Being it's 12:56 A.M. and I am tired and have to be up at 6:20 am, I'm heading to bed.  Please check back in Wed. night latish, or Thurs.  I PROMISE to have some pictures and details about their creation.   Thanks for sticking with me here

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yes, I'm still here...

Hi ladies, I do appreciate the words of encouragement that have been sent by many of you.
I guess I really needed them ha ha.

 What I wanted to share with you today, are some of the things I've discovered about myself, Color challenges, Sketch challenges, and such

For one thing you ladies simply AMAZE me with your talents in card making, and scrap-booking pages.  I get so inspired by what I see, I just can't help but look through more and more of your projects.  That is why I'm having a hard time getting my own cards here on my blog.  I hope to have at least the 4 or 5 I've done since before Christmas. 

Mind you, I do work a full time job, from 7:30 am - 7:30 or 8:00, so I have to take advantage of every little minute I can get to enter a word here (like right now I'm on my lunch break).  :)  And, I do have some questions about this blogging that I'm not sure of yet, for instance, as I've gone to your blog pages.  I see the pictures on the right or left, which are like links to other pages.  My ? is, how do I download your little "boxes" like those, so those that are coming to my blog can find yours too?  I figure you ladies are willing to watch me squirm  :( as I get a handle on this hobby.  So, I should show my appreciation for your help in input, by referring others to your blogs. 

I will try to get my cards downloaded tonight, wish me luck.  Blessings to all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year To All

Well, it looks like I wasn't quite up and running as I thought last posting.  But, I"m hopeful that you "kind, considerate, sweet" ladies can forgive me, being that it was the Christmas season and all.

I plan to really get going with making some cards, as I've been going to several blog hops and I find myself so inspired by what I see you ladies doing, that I forget I have my own blog to put things on,OOoops!

I plan on putting 2 cards that I did just before Christmas.  That way you can see that I am really trying to make an effort here.

I have also been surfing youtube alot  lately learning new techniques and how to use some of the NEW toys I've gotten with my Christmas gift cards.  I recently bought a "circle cutter".  I plan on using it tomorrow, testing it out.  I also have recently gotten some Cuttlebug folders and dies, I rreally love the looks of those folders on my cardstock.  My wife was really impressed by it as well, and she isn't into this crafting hobby, so if she thought it was beautiful, I'm happy.  I also have added about 27 Copic markers to my stable of markers,  though I'm only getting started with them, and will be taking my 1st online course with Colleen this coming Sat. I am really anxious (in a good way) to get started with them.

I've been trying to plan on my philosophy of what kind of cards (style wise) I would like to concentrate on. So as I have been checking some of your blogs and websites, I've been saving pictures of some of your beautiful cards and drooling over all the talent you ladies have been blessed with.

I also plan on making a card up using the stamps I had won in my 1st ever Blog Hop.  What is it that they say about "One time wonders"?  Does that mean I won't win anymore.....LOL.

 I'm also planning on getting into my 1st ever "Challenge" and that will be a challenge indeed, just to get into one.  I don't know why I should be nervous about that one, I don't believe you'd expect to see some fantastic card by a male newbie, right... ha ha.  No, but seriously, I am learning to pick up on some of the ideas and things I've seen on the blog hops and the one Challenge I've checked out.

I was just going over some of your encouraging words yesterday; and I was quickened (yes, that's an old saying for encouraged).  Heather Dennis had sent me a note of encouragement telling me that the BEST way to get better at  making cards, was to get into the Challenges, so that is my 1st challenge to get myself into the first one.  You may want to say a prayer for me, I may need it.  I'll try to get into one within the next week or two.  So thank you Heather for that challenge and all of you ladies that have so kindly encouraged me to Go For It. 

Have a great week, have fun crafting and God bless you all.



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did I say Up & running?

Good morning ladies, I hadn't planned on having a posting this quickly but somethings are just meant to be changed.  My last posting I titled "Up and running".  I didn't realize just how true that was, was it prophetic ha ha.  I had entered my 1st ever BLOG HOP.  What ever that was, with fear and trepidation I entered the arena of combatants ( o.k. maybe not combatants).  I had a mountain to climb, approx. 18 different blog sites to visit and make comments on.
After visiting the first 3 I started feeling at home doing this, a matter of fact I was getting pretty comfortable with it all.  When I finally finished visiting all the ladies blogs, it hit me that I had just been introduced to a wonderful group of very talented women that had a gifting that I hoped would one day be mine.
Along the way, I ran into a few ladies that I had met through StampTV so I started feeling like I was among family.  I share this because one day I'll look back on this experience and will realize just how far I've traveled with these dear new friends that I've made.
Well, would you believe that in my very first Blog Hop, I actually won a prize?  As Gomer Pyle would say "Shazam".  haha  Yes, I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe that there wasn't a  catch to all this, but there wasn't.  I even offered to pay for the postage, but Janis wouldn't think of it.  Thank you Janis for my prize which I will attempt to make something with.  And, to all the ladies that contributed to this very fun HOP. 
Ola, as a newbie yourself, I welcome you to the world of crafting & card making, may I suggest that you enter a Blog Hop right away?  You will love it and those you meet through your travels of each blog.
I thank God for you ladies and the opportunity to learn from you, and your friendships, God bless you all and lets' get "HOPPING". 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Up and running...

Good Monday morning to you ladies out there in Crafting land.  Well, I just finished my 1st ever blog hop, and it was a little nerve racking, but LOTS of fun.

I sure learned a lot of new things from all you ladies, and have gotten some great ideas for this Christmas.  Soon I hope to have a card or two on here, so that you can get a good laugh. :)

Hopefully, I won't embarrass myslf so badly. :)

 I really appreciate all the helpful hints and tips you ladies have offered me.  I look forward to applying some of these to my own cards and crafts.

I thank you "Four" ladies for following my blog, even if it is to get a laugh or two, I'd be happy to liven up your days and show you that you are far beyond the beginner level as I am.

One thing I'd like to share with you is that of Color coordinating of cards.  I find that when I look at your cards everything flows so smoothly, but when I'm at home and I find 2 stamps that I'd like to use on a card, I get Brain freeze (well, it is only 9 degrees up here today).  Really, I think how do I learn to instinctively know what colors to use for a particular card.  Any tips on this would be really appreciated.

Well, have to get back to work, but look forward to my next Blog Hop, I believe I'm hooked on them, and I really enjoy seeing what everyone else has come up with.

May you all have a Blessed week, so go make something to inspire me further. 

Dave  Prov 25:25


Sunday, December 5, 2010

A small step for you ladies, But a HUGE step for me.

Here I go with my first entry into this mysterious world of blogging.  If ever there was a "fish" out of water it would be me. 

Really, I can't believe that I've taken this Big step into the unknown world of card making.  It wouldn't be so intimidating if it were my grand-kids or some other little kids, but when I see the fantastic works of art that you ladies produce week after week, it leaves me with my jaw dropping. 

If I just hadn't gone to StampTV and gotten hooked on Gina K's  great instructional videos.  But, no I had to watch just one more, that's all it took.  And it was just like when I was a boy in Brooklyn, N.Y. again.  Yep, I had gone with my mom to an Italian pastry shop, and after eating my first Canoli it was all over.  I was hooked, even here in Indiana, years later, I have to buy a couple of Canoli's every once in awhile, it just gets into your blood.  That is what card making has become for me. 

I see some of your great looking cards, and I think that you ladies probably don't think that they are that great, but to an up and comer (I hope I am anyway), I get very inspired by the colors, designs, embellishments, etc.  And, after thinking there just couldn't be more to this hobby, I saw Gina K's video on something called Copic markers.  I thought what in the world are Copic markers, aren't they all alike?  So, after watching the two videos, I decided I just have to buy some of those.

Then, I went to some of your blogs, since I wanted to find out what all the excitement was about this "Blog Hoping" thing.  When I went to some of StampTV member's blogs and saw some of the cards, I just had to ask each one how they made them.  You ladies are a bunch of "SAINTS" having to put up with such a neophyte. You all make me feel like a t-ball baseball player (that is little kids baseball), and you ladies are at the Major league level.  So, I do want you to know how much I appreciate your notes of encouragement.

Please be patient with me as I learn the ropes of writing and running my blog, I will succeed because of a great supporting cast - YOU LADIES.

That's why I came up with the name of "Inspirational Cards", for my blog, because each day when I check my emails from StampTV and the other blogger friends that I've met I am truly Inspired by what I see.

A special thank you to the following that have answered my early on questions without hesitation and hopefully without splitting their gut with laughter:
1) Gina K  ( O.K. not for contacting me, but because of this website and blog..thank you teacher)
2) Lee Murphy  Thank you Lee (luvlee) for being the first one to welcome me to Stamptv, and for answering several of my questions.
3) Pat  You also were quick to welcome me and share some tips with me, thank you so much.
4) Heather Dennis Thank you for allowing me into your blog hop page, and for all the suggestions and tips.  I feel I've almost gotten it all straighten out in my mind, hope to be playing real soon.
5) Janice Whiting For being one of my new friends here and sharing so much of your encouragement and tips  Thank You.
6) Colleen Schaan Boy, was I surprised to find your blog / site with the Copic coloring video lessons.  I am really looking forward to learning from your techniques, thank you.
7) Savanaah O'Gwynn Another "angel helper" that I found on StamTV.  Thank you for sharing lots of info and directing me to different blogs to help me learn from other talented ladies, thank you so much.

As you can see after just a few days of membership here, many talented artists, have really reached out to this fledgling card maker.  Again thank you all for welcoming me and giving me the name for my blog

                                                                 INSPIRATIIONAL CARDS