Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year To All

Well, it looks like I wasn't quite up and running as I thought last posting.  But, I"m hopeful that you "kind, considerate, sweet" ladies can forgive me, being that it was the Christmas season and all.

I plan to really get going with making some cards, as I've been going to several blog hops and I find myself so inspired by what I see you ladies doing, that I forget I have my own blog to put things on,OOoops!

I plan on putting 2 cards that I did just before Christmas.  That way you can see that I am really trying to make an effort here.

I have also been surfing youtube alot  lately learning new techniques and how to use some of the NEW toys I've gotten with my Christmas gift cards.  I recently bought a "circle cutter".  I plan on using it tomorrow, testing it out.  I also have recently gotten some Cuttlebug folders and dies, I rreally love the looks of those folders on my cardstock.  My wife was really impressed by it as well, and she isn't into this crafting hobby, so if she thought it was beautiful, I'm happy.  I also have added about 27 Copic markers to my stable of markers,  though I'm only getting started with them, and will be taking my 1st online course with Colleen this coming Sat. I am really anxious (in a good way) to get started with them.

I've been trying to plan on my philosophy of what kind of cards (style wise) I would like to concentrate on. So as I have been checking some of your blogs and websites, I've been saving pictures of some of your beautiful cards and drooling over all the talent you ladies have been blessed with.

I also plan on making a card up using the stamps I had won in my 1st ever Blog Hop.  What is it that they say about "One time wonders"?  Does that mean I won't win anymore.....LOL.

 I'm also planning on getting into my 1st ever "Challenge" and that will be a challenge indeed, just to get into one.  I don't know why I should be nervous about that one, I don't believe you'd expect to see some fantastic card by a male newbie, right... ha ha.  No, but seriously, I am learning to pick up on some of the ideas and things I've seen on the blog hops and the one Challenge I've checked out.

I was just going over some of your encouraging words yesterday; and I was quickened (yes, that's an old saying for encouraged).  Heather Dennis had sent me a note of encouragement telling me that the BEST way to get better at  making cards, was to get into the Challenges, so that is my 1st challenge to get myself into the first one.  You may want to say a prayer for me, I may need it.  I'll try to get into one within the next week or two.  So thank you Heather for that challenge and all of you ladies that have so kindly encouraged me to Go For It. 

Have a great week, have fun crafting and God bless you all.




  1. Hi Dave,

    Wow! A guy having fun with card making! I love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog on the Stamptv color blog hop and leaving your great comment. I truly appreciate it.

    Go for the challenges and post some cards. Would love to see your art. Any questions on this craft, just ask. Would be happy to help.


  2. really looking forward to seeing you in the challenges - we all start somewhere LOL
    Any questions, just post and trust me - you will have more than enough answers (-:

  3. Hi Dave, isn't it nice to have a guy amongst us! Hopefully we'll be seeing a few of your cards and other projects you'll be getting into soon! This card making and and blogging can be very addictive! I'm on the
    Quirky Craft's Design Team (DT)
    our latest challenge is called, In The Spring Garden and to use a stamped image or a digi, and to include the colours pink and green. Have a go!
    Will call back again soon!

    Other 'guys' blogs I can think of two at this moment, but there's more...are Paul for his ATC's and Bugaboo cards and

    Dustin Pike
    where you'll also find freebies!

  4. Another newbie ! I've only been making homemade cards for about 6 months now and I'm hooked. I have always designed digitally, so this has been a different fun hobby. My family is enjoying the cards. Have fun !